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I think I just ate pig juice...

eww. it wasn't pleasant. I stole a potato from Petes plate of leftovers, it must've soaked up some of the bacon juice.

anyway, the reason there were potatoes and pigs was because a) I got vouchers for marks and sparks and spent them on good food and b) I rock, so I made Pete a lovely tea.

I had new potatoes, carrots, brocolli and cabbage with a mushroom, leek and cheese pastry thingy. Pete had the same but with those little sausages wrapped in bacon. I bought mince pies too but Pete didn't have any so I'm munching my way through them.

I burnt my only decent sized pan so I did the veg in the oven (it was all pre-sliced and mixed in a little container). turned out pretty damn good. its nice having a full belly.

I'm actually looking forward to going home. I don't usually. I wanna see all the decorations and see my cats and my family and sit down on the sofa watching tv with everyone.

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