December 2nd, 2005

By breaktownx

Och Aye The Noo???

went to edinburgh yesterday. that sounds weird. "I went to Edinburgh yesterday" its in another country!!! man, I'm so cultured. Oh! I totally am! Lauren and Lindsay were teaching me Scottish on the bus back to town. erm...what did I learn... gearden? I think... and erm... huuse! and erm...what was the sore one...that was weird erm... I canny remember --- see what i did there???


it was nice to see Jos and Lauren, and nice to get a chance to speak to Lindsay a bit more. the journey was pretty good - didnt feel like i was on the trains for too long. i got my reading done for class (which turns out to be pointless because Simon didnt come in today), but I wish he'd warned us what the story was like!! i hope nobody was reading over my shoulder - "'I want it all the way up my ass. Every inch of you, Ray.'" "She ate me, just like another delicious thing on her menu." hmm...yeah.

and thats about it! sat on a bench freezing my ass off for an hour and a half. saw my girlies. went home. it was well worth going though, and i will see them again in about a week *thumbs up*

i went to bed shattered. was woken by a text from Lauren at 3:30am! but went back to sleep. my morning was free so i was going to start on some of my assignments but i was so tired that i slept right through until i had to get up for class.

im off to Petes now. gonna take a shitload of washing with me because i havent washed anything for...oooh coming up to a month! *hands pegs out*
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